Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu, which fully opened a new future for vehicle-road collaboration of automatic drive

Won the bid for the comprehensive transportation governance EPC project in Zhongguancun West Zone

Won the honor of “2017 Beijing Top100 Private Enterprises”

Won the honor of “2017 China Top30 Intelligent Transportation Enterprises”

Won “2017 Outstanding Contribution Award”

Recognized as National Enterprise Technology Center jointly by ministries and commissions such as National Development and Reform Commission

Won “30 years of China‘s Expressway• Leading Enterprise Award”

Signed the strategic cooperative agreement with Nanjing Bureau of Public Security Traffic Policy Detachment

Won the title of “Top10 Outstanding Enterprises in China Intelligent Parking Industry”

Won the title of “Top10 System Integrators in China Expressway Electromechanical Market”

Won the title of “Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises in China Traffic Video Surveillance Industry”

Won the title of “China Top 10 Outstanding Brand Construction Team in Intelligent Transportation”

Participated in initiating Haidian District Urban Refine Management Technology Alliance

Acquired the first certificate in the industry issued by TUV Rheinland Group

Assisted the transportation security work of 2018 “SCO Summit”

Signed police-enterprise cooperation agreement with Haidian Traffic Detachment

Invest in CCCG Airport Co., Ltd.

Officially launched National Intelligent Vehicles and Smart Transportation (Beijing-Hebei) Demonstration Zone Haidian Base as the first closed test field of automatic driving vehicles in Beijing

Guarded “Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation”, covering Beijing with stable and efficient system structure and artificial intelligent practices

Chairman Xia Shudong attended 2018 Summer Davos World Economic Forum on invitation


Took the lead in the construction of "broadband mobile internet-based intelligent vehicle and smart traffic application demonstration" of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Set Transinfo Small Loan and build comprehensive financial service system

Won the award of "2016 TOP100 Achievement Award of Zhongguancun High Growth Enterprises"


Won the honor of TOP100 Fast Growth Enterprises in national high and new technology zones

Assisted in the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and settled in Zhongguancun Haidian Park Qinhuangdao Branch

Landed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange and took the lead in proposing and implementing the layout of large-scale transportation industry covering urban transportation, highway transportation, rail transportation and civil aviation.

Expanded the business fields of electronic bus station and smart parking, and promoted the company to realize the role breakthrough from project construction to investment and operation

Acquired the honor of key high and new technology enterprises of national torque plan

Won the second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award for the "research and industrialization project of key technology for dense pedestrian flow monitoring and evacuation"

Signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.


IOV service mode for commercial vehicles became mature increasingly, forming the common development pattern of intelligent transportation and IOV.

The commercial vehicle comprehensive supervision service platform based on Beidou compatible terminal won "the second prize for 2012 science and technology progress of China satellite navigation and positioning"

Won the title of "Top10 Beidou Industrialization Enterprises in China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Service"

The logistic transportation comprehensive supervision service platform based on Beidou compatible terminal won "the second prize for science and technology progress of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing"

Intelligent Transportation and Modern Logistics Collaborative Innovation Center

Shenzhen Comprehensive Transportation Operation Command Center System Project won "the Silver Prize of 2012 Outstanding Project of China Geographic Information Industry"


Launch the nationwide layout of IOV business for commercial vehicles

Deloitte Top500 Asia Pacific High-tech High-growth Enterprises

Rank the 28th in Deloitte Top50 Chinese High-tech High-growth Enterprises

Key Enterprises Supported by Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology in "Four One-batch" Projects

Independently Developed High-precision Passenger Flow Inspection System "TransPLE1.0" won Award of National Key New Products

Top 200 Solution Providers of China Top500 Computer Traders

First Batch of Key "Ten-hundred-thousand Projects" Enterprises Supported by Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone

Key Innovative Enterprise in the Core Area of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone


Expanded expressway intelligent transportation field

Top100 innovation pilot enterprises of Zhongguancun Park

Undertook multiple Olympics projects, and win "Special Honorable Award for Beijing Olympics Traffic Information Service Guarantee"

Entered taxi media operation and safety operation management service field

The "LED on-board GPS supervision and dispatching terminal" won "2007 TOP10 Information Beijing Application Results - Innovative Product Award"

Won the title of "Top 100 IT Channel Enterprise"

Entered dynamic traffic information service field

Undertook multiple projects continuously including "Changjiang River Shipping Network Information System and GIS Project"

Be rewarded as "Digital City Software Industry Base Demonstration Enterprise" by Ministry of Construction


Released “Transinfo” Alibaba Cloud Urban Brain • Transportation Management Joint Solution”

Acquired the investment of Alibaba Group and reached comprehensive in-depth cooperation with Alibaba Cloud.

Provided professional security protection support for Beijing International Horticultural Expo

Participated in the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation on invitation

Transinfo Urban Traffic Brain is revealed in Haidian Urban Brain Press Conference

Cooperated with MOT Road Network Center to jointly promote the construction of smart road network

Won the bid for Beijing CBD Northwest District Transportation Optimization Demonstration Project

Won the honor of “2018 Top 30 China Intelligent Transportation Enterprises”

Transinfo Technology officially settled in Xiong’an on behalf of Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises


Moved into Transinfo Building

Officially released and implemented the development strategy of “one body and two wings”

Won the second prize of 2016 National Award for Technological Invention

Set up urban traffic sector, expand urban traffic and public security traffic management service and promote business transformation

Entered investment and operation service field, and provide integrated services of design, planning, investment, construction and operation

Made a breaking through progress in the construction of “National Intelligent Vehicles and Smart Transportation (Beijing-Hebei) Demonstration Zone”

Won “2016 Leading Enterprise Award”

Won “2016 China Top10 Outstanding Construction Teams of City Intelligent Transportation”

Won “2016 China Top10 Outstanding Enterprises of Smart Parking”

Chairman Xia Shudong won the award of “Technological Innovation and Venture Talent of Innovative Talents Promotion Plan”

Won “Honorable Medal of 2017 China International Software Expo”

Won “2017 Award for Most Influential IoT Enterprises”

Won “2017 Silver Foil Award for China Parking Industry”

Won certificate of “2017 Beijing Top100 Software and Information Service Enterprises”

Won “2017 China Smart City Ecosphere Pillar Enterprise Award”

Won qualification of “secret-involved information system integration – security surveillance”

Chairman Xia Shudong won “2017 China Smart City Influential People Award”

Won “2017 TOP100 Achievement Award of Zhongguancun High Growth Enterprise”


Entered water transportation information service field, and improve the strategic layout of big traffic industry covering "highway, railway, airlines and water transportation"

Won "2014 Leading Enterprise Award"

Signed strategic cooperation agreement with INRIX, globally leading comprehensive transportation information service provider

Signed framework agreement for comprehensive strategy partnership with Travel Sky to jointly reach airline-road transportation integration

Won the award of "2014 China Top 10 Outstanding Growth Enterprises in Urban Intelligent Transportation"

Won the award of "2014 China Top10 Outstanding Enterprises in Smart Public Traffic Industry"

Won the award of "2014 Zhongguancun Top10 Outstanding Brands"


Won the honor of industrialization demonstration project of National Torque Plan

Chairman Xia Shudong served as Vice Chairman of All-China Youth Federation

Won "2012 Zhongguancun TOP10 New Brands"

First national IOV industry base in China settled in Beijing

Launched key project of Haidian North Zone New Ecological Technology Zone

Recognized by the Ministry of transport as "intelligent transportation technology and equipment" R & D center of transportation industry

Undertook the first IOV program of MIIT National 863 plan


Entered rail traffic information field

Chairman Xia Shudong won the honorable title of "2010 Zhongguancun TOP10 Excellent Entrepreneurs"

The independently developed "TransPLE passenger flow detection product" won the third prize of "Electronic Science and Technology Award" of Chinese Institute of Electronics

Established Zhongguancun Intelligent Transportation Industry Association, with Transinfo Information as the first president unit

Provided software system construction service to "Shenzhen University Games" comprehensive transportation operation command center

TOP200 Solution Providers of Top500 China Computer Business Enterprises

Highest growth enterprise in China IT industry


Transinfo Group was founded to start group operation mode, and form the whole industry chain of intelligent transportation integrating urban intelligent transportation, expressway intelligent transportation, and comprehensive transportation information service

Won Finalist Award of "2009 TOP10 Information Beijing Application Results"

Provided real-time traffic information service, key operating vehicle monitoring service and passenger flow detection products to "Shanghai World Expo"

Won the honor of "2009 China TOP100 Technological Enterprises" of Business Times

Be honored as "Annual Top10 High and New Tech Enterprises" of Haidian Park

The twenty core products won the affirmation of independent innovation products in Beijing and entered government procurement category

Ranked the 31st of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China

Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific


The traffic planning information system won the gold prize of GIS Outstanding Application Project

"Embedded Geographic Information System GeoPad" won National Torque Plan project certificate

Entered urban intelligent transportation field

Undertook "MOT Planning Information System Phase I" project

Beijing PKU Transinfo Technology Co., Ltd. was founded