Xia Shudong


As the Chairman of China TransInfo Technology Co., Ltd, Mr. Xia Shudong graduated from Institute of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System, Peking University, and acquired a doctor's degree in Cartography and Geography Information System. Now Xia serves as Director of Research and Development Center on ITS Technology and Equipment, Ministry of Transport, First Standing Committee member and Vice Chairman of Zhongguancun Youth Federation, President of Zhongguancun Intelligent Transportation Industry Alliance, the member of the 13th CPPCC, and member of China Green Cargo Action Expert Group. Xia won twice Beijing Science and Technology Award, and other important honors such as "Special Honor of Beijing Olympics Traffic Information Service Guarantee", "Outstanding Contributor Award for the 20th Anniversary of Z-Park", "2010 TOP10 Outstanding Entrepreneurs", "2013 Leader of China Software and Information Technology Service Brand Construction", "Technological Innovation and Venture Talents of 2016 Innovative Talent Promotion Plan", and Technological Venture Leader of 2017 China Ten Thousand Talent Plan.