The Ahead

The most sacred dream in my heart is to be a respected company and to be a great company.

In Transinfo Technology, every member has a common spiritual strength and firm belief. That is “The Ahead”. It is like the gene of us and deeply influences every employee of Transinfo Technology. That is because Transinfo Technology employees have not only enthusiasm but also pursuit and confidence for targets.

Transinfo people’s enthusiasm is oriented from their mission. Today, Transinfo Technology will set sail again based on an unprecedented historical stage. We are supposed to expand everywhere in China, and guard the smart travel and safe life of 1.4 billion Chinese people. We are excited and enthusiastic about the new journey. We believe in a farther ahead a grand prospect and promising perspective is waiting for us.

We emphasize the pursuit of achieving goals and confidence. Mindful of our responsibility to move forward, we march forward with unwavering conviction. Every step forward is the accumulation for our business, and every forward choice is the responsibility of the mission. As long as we firmly look ahead, we can embark on the most beautiful journey of life, harvest the soul, spirit and wealth of satisfaction, and achieve the lofty ideal of life of Transinfo Technology employees. Regardless of hardships, we will prove “practices make perfection” with our perseverance and indomitable courage.

Today, we regard the "ahead" as our own culture, because in the mind of every employee of TransInfo Technology, the ahead is the attitude of moving forward, the goal of striving, and more importantly our common ideal of life. Our employees who aim at the ahead will never stop moving forward for the scenery along the way, nor will they lose their power for current achievement. That is because we have ideals in our hearts, and they are ahead of us!

I hope everyone in Transinfo Technology will be loyal to our mission, put the essence of our culture into action, and in the years of blood boiling, move forward courageously and firmly to toward our common goals hand in hand!

On the way forward, we will share with each of you.


Core Value

  • 01Integrity

    On the way forward, we pursue integrity. Integrity is the way to do things and the basis of enterprise development. We always run our business in a down-to-earth, sincere and trustworthy manner to promote the healthy and sustainable development of our business. We advocate the concept of honesty and trustworthiness, incorruptibility and self-discipline; we are loyal to our profession, keeping our promise, and true to what we say and what we do.

  • 02Responsibility

    On the way forward, we pursue responsibility. Responsibility is the carrier of the ability and duty-bound to bear. We have always been committed to promoting industrial development with our country in mind, and made it our unwavering mission and responsibility to build a transportation power and a peaceful and secure China. We always advocate undertaking the project tasks and promoting the work with a down-to-earth, humble and prudent attitude, striving for perfection, and making great efforts to complete the work objectives and achieve personal character improvement and cultivation.

  • 03Innovation

    On the way forward, we pursue innovation. Innovation is the spirit of unremitting self-improvement and the courage to make breakthrough. We always seek new breakthroughs in business model, technology research and development, management, products and services, and are committed to becoming a leader in driving industrial innovation and upgrading. We always advocate working with a learning mindset, face each task with creative thinking, boldly enter the field of new technology and products, and keep forging ahead.

  • 04Synergy

    On the way forward, we pursue synergy. Synergy is an open and inclusive attitude and trust shared by all. We always take enterprise strategy as the beacon of progress, and concert efforts to achieve a common goal. We always advocate making our own contribution around the realization of the organization's goals, cooperating to reach win-win situation, and creating a harmonious atmosphere with strong cohesion and centripetal force.

The Aheadof TransInfo People

Today, we stand at an unprecedented height of history and feel excited.
                                   Today, we are ready to follow the great journey of a transportation power and a peaceful China.
                                   The new peak is right ahead; Go ahead! We are already on the way…

  • Our mission

    Make the world safer, more convenient and smarter

  • Our vision

    We are committed to be a great enterprise that creates outstanding value, leads the development of the industry and promotes the progress of science and technology

Power of Moving Forward

Faith of persistence, spirit of exploration, courage of pioneering

Persistence: only becauseTransInfo Peoplefollow the call of the inner mission, constantly transcends himself/herself,
and remembers there is always a further front waiting for us to arrive.
                                   Exploration: only because moving forward is the permanent attitude of TransInfo People; it is meaningless to stick to past achievements,
and only by moving forward can we bloom a new brilliance.
                                   Pioneering: only because TransInfo people have infinite vision and ardent expectation for the way ahead,
and will spend the most beautiful time of life with hard work.
                                   TransInfo people, please be loyal to the mission to move forward conveniently!