We always regard talents as the foundation of enterprise development for venture, competition and development.


Talent selection view of Transinfo: “suitable talent for suitable position”

The most suitable person takes the most suitable post


Recruitment view of Transinfo:“Post-talent matching”; the post shall help talents exert their capacity, while talents could get the suitable post.

Every post has the most appropriate functions, and every one could find the post to show their individual value maximally.


Education view of Transinfo:“character is the foundation, and capacity makes a talent”

Adept at Discovering, Attentively Care, Tolerable, Generosity


Promotion view of Transinfo:“Performance + potential, character + talents”

Individual is also necessary for the potential relative to the future position development; at the same time, character and talents are also necessary conditions for talent promotion.


Talent retaining view of Transinfo: “Retain talents with good career, remuneration and emotion”

Pay attention to employee's occupational career planning and the realization of individual value. Let everyone make achievements in personal development and improve life quality while working.