With safety and intelligence, China Transinfo V2X passed test of

10/22 , 2019 134

From Oct. 22 to Oct. 24, 2019 C-V2X "four layers" interoperability application demonstration event was kicked off in Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. As one of V2X terminal providers, TransInfo Technology cooperated with enterprises such as Datang Gohigh, Great Wall Motor, Huawei, ZTE, Audi, BMW, Ford and CICV to realize the first "cross-chip module, cross-terminal, cross-complete vehicle and cross-safety platform" C-V2X application exhibition in China.


With gradual implementation of IOV, the auto connecting safety problem is put on the agenda. The C-V2X "four layers" interoperability application demonstration event in this year added communication safety scenario based on the "three-cross" last year, realized interconnection of V2X direct communication identification and chip module, terminal and vehicle enterprises, provided key technical verification samples to establish collaborated and unified V2X communication safety certification system, further driving implementation of domestic C-V2X industrialization.


Nowadays, more autos are labeled with "networking". However, the problem that most people neglect is the guarantee of network safety for vehicles with numerous connected functions.

As V2X commercial route and timing becomes distinct gradually, the safety demand of V2X direct communication is more prominent: since the computing and networking system used inherits existing computing and networking structure as well as natural safety defects of the system.

On the one hand, V2X communication transmission is mostly for real-time information of road urgency, congestion status and safety accidents. Information must be sent by legal device without altering or replay; on the other hand, when identifying vehicles, it is necessary to avoid user privacy disclosure caused by direct use of vehicles or information of the owner.

The authority, Gartner, analyzed that by 2020 there will be at least 250 million vehicles with networking functions in the world. By then, the complicity of vehicles will be doubled, and safety loopholes shall not be neglected.

For authenticity of directly connected communication information and privacy protection during operation of ICV, TransInfo Technology adds independently developed safety module to V2X device, and formed data signature by encrypting communication information to avoid hazards such as wrong judgment and vehicle collision due to hacker attack to V2X. During pretest of "four layers", TransInfo Technology V2X device finished V2X protocol consistency test comprising three parts, and became the first terminal manufacturer passing the test.


In the "four layers" interoperability application demonstration event, TransInfo Technology established a demonstration team with Datang Gohigh and Great Wall Motor. Vehicles with Transinfo V2X device shall firstly pass identification of Datang CA verification platform and form communication certificate similar to e-identity; when V2X device sends message, a data signature will be formed through computing of safety module. At that time, vehicle will send "communication certificate + signature + message" together; V2X message receiver acquires information through verifying communication certificate and signature to guarantee authenticity and integrity and prevent receiving altered and forged message.

During driving, the demonstration team played defense of fake speed limit warning, defense of fake traffic light information, defense of fake emergency vehicle and defense of fake forward collision warning, and fully showed C-V2X communication safety mechanism and IOV C-V2X safety warning and efficiency services.


In the meantime, aiming at V2I and V2V scenarios, TransInfo Technology displayed application scenarios such as safety speed limit warning, road hazardous status prompt, traffic light running warning, green wave speed guidance, weak traffic participant reminding, forward collision warning, dead zone prompt and failure vehicle warning.

The successful demonstration of TransInfo Technology in 'Four layers' interoperability V2X application demonstration n marks its V2X application deployment and further cooperation with upstream and downstream IOV enterprises. During the "four layers" event, in the 2019 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference held in China International Exhibition Center (New Pavilion), TransInfo Technology and BAIC BJEV jointly exhibited intelligent connected V2X solution. Its intelligent connected products and solutions, and urban traffic signal control system were disclosed with great attentions.  

With the development of autopilot technology, vehicles become more intelligent. After extensive application of 5G, IOV will usher in explosive development with guarantee of infrastructure and establishment of operators' platform. As a member of C-V2X work group and a leading IOV enterprise in China, in the future, TransInfo Technology will provide full series complete solutions including V2X on-board terminals, road side perception device RSU, software development suits, road side perception and edge computing, and will jointly promote revision and test of relevant technologies and standards with partners, and create IOV industry ecosphere.