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09/27 , 2019 116


2019 APSARA Conference is coming to an end. In three days, TransInfo Technology is impressed all people with "new solution, new viewpoint and new connection", and offers a larger space for imagination when exploring intelligent transportation and smart cities.

Landing and Implementation of New Scheme


Wu Hai, Vice President of TransInfo Technology and General Manager of UNISITS is introducing the progress of the cooperation between TransInfo Technology and Alibaba Cloud 

On Sept. 25, in APSARA "Global Ecological Partners Summit", Wu Hai, Vice President of TransInfo Technology and General Manager of UNISITS showed the "transcript" of cooperation between TransInfo Technology and Alibaba Cloud.

Through urban interconnection and air-ground interconnection, TransInfo Technology cooperates with Alibaba Cloud to deeply create intelligent transportation network. At present, the urban brain traffic control platform is implemented, TOCC solutions cooperation is accelerated, and two joint solutions of smart road and smart civil aviation are released during the conference …… 

Alibaba Cloud- TransInfo Technology Ioint Solution for Smart Road


Site of intelligent expressway session

In the intelligent expressway session on Sept. 26, TransInfo Technology and Alibaba Cloud jointly released the "Alibaba Cloud- TransInfo Technology Joint Solution for Smart Road". The solution could comprehensively realize comprehensive and full life-cycle application service systems of highway construction, management, maintenance, data operation, and travel services by means of advanced technologies and ideas of big data, cloud computing, mobile internet, IoT and artificial intelligence.


Chen Zhuo, Director of TransInfo Technology Smart road Research Center is introducing the joint solution

Aiming at current ETC application promotion, the "joint solution" sets application modules of expressway free stream toll, toll avoidance analysis and big data audit, and provides safe and reliable service guarantee for more scientific and high efficient management and operation after ETC popularization. At present, the joint solution is piloted in Shanxi Changzhi- Linfen Expressway.

Alibaba Cloud- TransInfo Technology Joint Solution for Smart Airline


The joint solution for intelligent airline is released officially

In the intelligent airline session on Sept. 27, TransInfo Technology and Alibaba Cloud released the "Joint Solution for Intelligent Airlines". The solution contains one platform, three consoles, four core abilities and ten application scenarios, focuses on the three core demands of civil airlines for "safety, punctuation and efficiency", and meanwhile integrates the idea of "cloud service + platform sharing", boost digitalized and intelligent development of civil aviation, and drive the civil aviation industry to realize "safer, more efficient and greener" innovation reform.

New viewpoint predicts the future


Sun Yafu, Vice President of TransInfo Technology and President of TransInfo Technology Technology Research Institute

5G and edge computing are the hot phrase in IT circle in 2019. In the APSARA Conference, Sun Yafu, Vice President of TransInfo Technology and President of TransInfo Technology Technology Research Institute, said development of new technologies such as 5G edge computing, cloud computing, IoT and big data lays foundation for seamless perception of full transportation scenario. Through cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, TransInfo Technology combines its intelligent road network edge computing product with the hashrate of Alibaba Cloud to integrate road side unit, vehicle side unit, edge computing ECU, road side intelligent infrastructure, information display unit, cloud control management platform and on-board devices, and form cloud + terminal integrated comprehensive solution. Meanwhile, the exploration of TransInfo Technology helps Alibaba Cloud upgrade from "cloud" to "cloud, edge and terminal". 


In digital government exhibition area, solution of TransInfo Technology attracted many audiences

As an important ecological partner of Alibaba's "digital government co-construction plan", Li Yanpeng, the Deputy General Manager of PKU Transinfo subordinated to TransInfo Technology, said the digital government not only copes to the time but it is also a result of the time. Digital transportation is an important field of digital economy development strategy. Through business accumulation and technical revolution for years, TransInfo Technology continuously drives transportation information development from business information to information data intention, and to data intelligence relying on data-centered overall solutions.

New connection strengthens collaboration


As a new global ecological partner of Alibaba Cloud, TransInfo Technology strengthens collaboration and connection with multiple new identities and continuously displays its strength in APSARA Conference.

In APSARA Conference "Global Ecological Partner Summit" in the afternoon of Sept. 25, Alibaba Cloud Apsara Ecological Partner Association was founded officially. TransInfo Technology became the first batch of Apsara Ecological Partners of Alibaba Cloud. This is the highest grade ecological partner of Alibaba Cloud.


In the session of "Special Cloud Solution", TransInfo Technology became one of the first batch Alibaba Cloud ISV partners by virtue of "Urban Brain Traffic Control Joint Solution".


On Sept. 26, Alibaba Cloud and enterprises such as TransInfo Technology jointly launched "Industry AI Enabling Plan". TransInfo Technology became industrial AI partner of Alibaba Cloud and jointly contributed to the industrial chain with more implementation experience, innovative products and services.

Evolution of new story is at hand.


With all the attentions, APSARA Conference is coming to an end. However, the strength accumulation and evolution of TransInfo Technology are going on…

Media pointed out through analysis that 2019 is a special year for TransInfo Technology. Except upgraded performance of original business layout, TransInfo Technology accepted investment of Ali and cooperated with it deeply. The profound practices of TransInfo Technology in intelligent transportation and intelligent security and the technical development and ideas of Alibaba Cloud make layout of both parties in smart cities more in-depth.

Centering at ceaseless evolution, TransInfo Technology is dedicated to creating the intelligent world of IoT. Predict the future with technology.