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09/16 , 2019 105

In the evening of Sept. 15, CCTV News reported "Beijing Haidian: new service mode boosts innovative development", and showed the ideas and achievements of Haidian District to establish new partnership between the government and enterprise, implement "innovation partner" plan and drive high-quality economic growth.

In the report, CCTV journalist entered the 100km2 autopilot innovation demonstration zone jointly built by Haidian District Government and TransInfo Technology, focused on the progress of autopilot industry acceleration by TransInfo Technology and Haidian District, and showed the great achievements brought about by the "innovation partner" plan.


Xia Shudong, the Chairman of TransInfo Technology, said in the interview that as the "innovation partner", TransInfo Technology deeply took part in the cutting-edge technology environment application and construction in Haidian District, and launched a series of innovative achievements. The "innovation partner" plan helps enterprises realize product and technological implementation in aspects of policies, mechanism and resources and provides new power for innovative development of enterprises.


In the past 70 years since the foundation of China, Haidian District, Beijing has always taken the lead in innovation of high-tech industry in China. Focusing on innovation-driven high-quality development, Haidian District greatly cultivates high-grade, precision and advanced industries, establishes the "innovative ecological rainforest" supported by innovation partnership based on the functional positioning of Zhongguancun Science Park, and explores a high-quality economic development way suitable to the characteristics of time, complying with strategic orientation of the Capital and with characteristics of Haidian District.

Yu Jun, the Secretary of Haidian District, said "we take various innovative entities such as scientists, universities, technical enterprise and third party institutions as the innovation partners", and bring the organizational strength of local party committees and governments into full play to integrate various innovative resources organized, affected and driven by party commission and governments, and provide whole-process innovation resource supply and configuration services for technical achievements commercialization and industrialization."


Developed in Haidian District for 19 years, TransInfo Technology is a representative of high-quality private enterprises in this district, and also the representative of "innovation partner". Recently, nearly 20 media including Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily News, China Youth Daily, Beijing News, BTV, Beijing Daily, and Beijing Evening News visited TransInfo Technology to see the charm of its innovative development and analyze practical model of the "innovation partner".

On Sept. 3, Xinhua News Agency released a report of "Creating innovation partners, Beijing Haidian District speeds up technological innovation", and showed the achievements made by TransInfo Technology and Haidian District Government in advanced research and innovation and supporting policies of ICV.


As the innovative partner of Haidian District, TransInfo Technology spares no effort in leading cutting-edge technology and realizing innovative development of Haidian District, intensively develops in urban traffic comprehensive governance, National Intelligent Vehicles and Smart Transportation (Beijing-Hebei) Demonstration Zone, and autopilot innovative zone construction in Haidian District, and outputs influence of technical innovation of a great transportation power with sturdy technical research and development capacity.

TransInfo Technology deeply participates in the top level design and planning of Haidian urban brain, puts forward a brand new mode for "urban brain" construction, solves difficulties of megacity governance, realizes the objective of "safe Haidian, ordered Haidian, beautiful Haidian and innovative Haidian" and applies to implementation, and contributes the most important application --- contextualized implementation plan of transportation brain and safe brain.

In the end of 2018, TransInfo Technology undertook the project with the largest single-package investment scale in Beijing urban intelligent transportation management --- Beijing "Zhongguancun West Area Comprehensive Traffic Control EPC" Project. Aiming at the traffic congestion in that area, TransInfo Technology carried out "refined and intelligent" urban governance practices, acquired favorable demonstration effect and became a model of Beijing comprehensive traffic control.

At the foot of Fenghuangling, Haidian District, the National Intelligent Vehicles and Smart Transportation (Beijing-Hebei) Demonstration Zone Haidian Base that TransInfo Technology took the lead to build is the first closed test site for autopilot in Beijing. At present, Haidian Base has provided daily training and capacity appraisal test services on closed test site to more than 30 manufacturers such as Baidu, NIO, BAIC BJEV and Daimler. Totally 65 autopilot vehicles of 11 manufacturers have passed capacity appraisal and acquired Beijing autopilot road test license plate in Beijing.

In order to further improve maturity of autopilot technology, TransInfo Technology is actively participating in the construction of 100km2 autopilot innovative demonstration zone in Haidian environmental protection park. The demonstration zone not only opens the road but also links autopilot with people's scene of life. At present, the demonstration zone's preliminary plan has become into being and is under construction. The test site is expected to be completed and open for test by 2020.

The supporting policies not only enable the technological application implement rapidly, but also allow relevant enterprises in the industrial chain to participate in deeply, enhancing their strength. For years, TransInfo Technology created intelligent, safe, convenient and green whole industrial service ecological chain with support of core technologies including big data + artificial intelligence to provide safe, convenient, efficient and intelligent comprehensive services to citizens.

Based on the new starting point at the 70th anniversary of PRC, TransInfo Technology will fully play the entrepreneurship and innovation spirit, ceaselessly improve enterprise competitiveness, and contribute to building Beijing into "globally influential national technological innovation center" following the innovation-led high quality economic growth with Haidian characteristics; in the meantime, it will more firmly explore and deploy services in the entire industrial chain around the "high-grade, precision and advanced" industry such as new transportation information technology and artificial intelligence, promote industrial development, and comprehensively boost the construction of a great transportation power and safe China.

Taking root in Haidian Distict, TransInfo Technology will develop forward actively!