China Transinfo"Edge Cumputing Unit", build the base of new transportation infrastructure technology

09/18 , 2020 1341

The digital age is imminent, and the wisdom path has become the general trend. On September 18th, at the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum Smart + Transportation Parallel Forum, Trifon Technology officially released the industry’s first “edge intelligence” integrating perception, computing, control, interaction, communication, management and services, building a new generation The cloud-side transportation system in China will create a new transportation infrastructure technology base.


If data is the "oil" of the digital age, the digital road system is the cornerstone of transportation to the digital age or the era of vehicle-road collaboration. Whether the road is digitized, the key depends on whether there is a road system parallel to the real world in a digital world, that is, to make the roads in the physical world visible in the digital world.

TransInfo "Edge Agent" provides powerful perception capabilities and edge AI computing capabilities, and has built software-defined infrastructure, traffic flow holographic perception, multi-scenario intelligent computing, autonomous service decision-making, intelligent traffic management and control integration, and road-vehicle interaction services It is closed loop and provides support for high-level autonomous driving to create a smart side-end system that supports traffic digitization and real-time traffic control.

Cao Kun, general manager of Trinx Technology Product R&D Center, said that as a key puzzle for the implementation of artificial intelligence into real traffic scenarios, Trinx’s “edge agent” has two important supports: First, “full time and space, multi-dimensional, all-element” perception , That is, the autonomous carrying and fusion of information collected by multi-dimensional transportation facilities such as signals, videos, radars, and RFID, so as to accurately describe the trajectory of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and people; second, it has a wealth of solutions for handling and command Signals, traffic hazards, traffic incidents, traffic conflicts and other core businesses are dynamically adjusted and efficiently and intelligently analyzed in real time, so as to realize the refinement, intelligence and specialization of traffic governance, and lay a solid foundation for urban traffic governance.


Take the control of traffic lights as an example. The traditional signal lights have a separate controller at the intersection, and the duration of the traffic lights is set in advance, regardless of whether the road is congested. On the other hand, TransInfo’s “edge agent” uses artificial intelligence and traffic control theory to integrate and apply the traffic flow and change trend of the entire area into a set of algorithms, and conduct intelligent thinking and deduction through continuous learning of traffic flow.

From the recognition of vehicle trajectories, to the driving trajectory of each vehicle, to the specific intersection at which time and minute each vehicle appears, TransInfo’s “edge agent” integrates various types of traffic monitoring data and Internet traffic data to provide Road congestion and traffic light relationship modeling, infer the saturation of the road, the phase relationship between the two traffic lights, etc., to achieve multi-level real-time optimization, the signal light controlled by the brain is no longer an ordinary signal light, but a six-way view , Signal lights that are good at thinking.

In the digital age, in addition to computing power and algorithms, the evolution of products is also proceeding around the ecology at the same time. Cao Kun said, “The construction of road intelligence cannot be realized by a single company. It needs to be jointly built by the industry. TransInfo’s “edge intelligence” has taken into account the algorithm and standard issues of different manufacturers when designing products and systems. During development, SD-X, or software-defined infrastructure, was proposed. Based on the same software, hardware facilities can be configured according to the actual situation to achieve good upward and downward compatibility."

TransInfo’s “Edge Agent” includes three series, one of which is released this time—Smart Intersections. In the future, there will be “Edge Agents” corresponding to smart road sections and smart portals to support digital road infrastructure and build A "bridge" connecting the future vehicle-road collaboration.

In the current wave of change, all aspects of the transportation industry are facing new changes from intelligent to intelligent iteration, from isolation to integration, and from individual decision-making to digital networking. Smart transportation has developed to a new node. Smart cars and smart roads are needed to connect and interact to build a complete smart transportation system.

In the face of the digital transformation of transportation and the need for the construction of the industrial Internet, TransInfo’s “edge intelligence” will provide the industry with a full amount of data and surging power through perception and calculation, so that the context of all elements of transportation can be seen. Relying on core capabilities such as AI, big data, and cloud computing, TransInfo Technology will also build more digital smart transportation system solutions to make traffic management more accurate, smarter and more rational.