Traffic Management

Targeting to “ease urban congestion, treat urban disease, guarantee road traffic safety and innovate traffic management concept”, TransInfo Technology provides professional comprehensive solutions and services to traffic management department based on “comprehensive solutions and core technical products” in combination with comprehensive approaches of “optimal traffic organization + refined traffic engineering + perfect scientific management measures + advanced ITS technology”. The services provided are design of comprehensive traffic management program, design of traffic congestion relief project, integration of traffic management system, customized development of software, advanced traffic control system payment and professional front-end perception product integration, which could effectively ease urban diseases such as traffic congestion, difficult travel and parking problems.

Urban Traffic Management & Control Center

Our system adopts layered construction mode, and each center establishes intelligent transportation big data comprehensive management center. Totally 400 sets checkpoints, 200 HD fastballs, 120 sets front-end hosts and 100 sets panoramic box cameras are accessed to the front end of the system, covering express ways along the line and trunk roads in downtown area, and forming stereoscopic and network management system of citywide road traffic. It provides 24h monitoring a day for traffic rule violation of vehicles, transportation events, yellow label car/heavy truck traffic control, and road network passing status, and reports transportation event information to background in time. The command center dispatches police resource in the real time for emergency treatment to maximally reduce traffic congestion risks and lower traffic safety loopholes.


Traffic Signal Control System

The system integrates refined control technology and adopts "brain-like" centralized control ideas to optimize signal control from districts, road sections and crossing. The system control strategy and control function will be finished by collaborative treatment of "signal optimization module - signal control system - signal controller - vehicle detector". The system adjusts crossing signal timing plan in time according to real-time road network flow data detected and issues to the front-end signal machine. It could realize strategies of trunk coordinative control, district coordinative control, artificial interference control, bus optimal control, special service control, green wave control, red wave coordinative control, signal special control, back-overflow control, on-ramp queue control, and strategy control and helps realize balanced distribution of road network traffic flow, reduce parking frequency, time delay and environmental pollution, and improve dynamic traffic flow management and control ability.


Offsite Traffic Law Enforcement System

The system acquires information about traffic rule violating behaviors such as running the red light, running stop sign, driving in the wrong direction, not wearing safety belt, not driving according to guide lane, violating prohibition signs, making calls while driving, speed, license plate covering, occupying bus lane, over yellow lines, or turning against rules. The video and photos snapshot will generate format data of violation information, which will be uploaded to comprehensive application platform of public traffic management after artificial verification, and realize violation evidence collection and further punishment.


Traffic Video Monitoring System

The system, following the construction idea of point-line-surface combination, layered fortification, closed ring, and gathering to network, adopts cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technology to establish high definition, digital, networking and intelligent video monitoring system, and finish functions of video monitoring dispatching, video patrol, video display, video structure treatment, facial recognition, facial comparison, vehicle recognition, image enhancement, event detection and violation snapshot. It realizes real-time management and control over motor vehicles, drivers and traffic trend in the district, and provides data support in aspects of traffic accident treatment, accident prevention, traffic congestion counseling, timely response to traffic emergencies, and providing clues for public security and criminal case investigation and solving.


Road Network Prevention & Control Management System

According to prevention and control requirements of cities, TransInfo Technology establishes road network prevention and control system covering downtown area, urban boundary and administrative boundary according to point-line-surface installation principle. The system, through front-end HD integrated device, acquires information of motor vehicles passing through the monitoring area, and finishes functions of vehicle capture, vehicle body recognition, license plate recognition, vehicle model recognition, vehicle logo recognition, speed measurement, wrong direction judgment, safety belt recognition, sun shield recognition and passenger recognition. It realizes judgment and analysis on key elements such as black and white list, fake plate vehicle, suspicious vehicles, hit-and-run vehicles, test drive vehicles and drivers, and provides technical guarantees and approaches for public traffic management and other police forces to flight against various illegal, and criminal behaviors involving plate and license.


Traffic Safety Management System

Relying on real-time data of current common heavy truck, TransInfo Technology provides services such as road network real-time flow inquiry, abnormal event reminding, road network flow prediction, vehicle distribution display and detailed vehicle information inquiry to Expressway corps and branches of Hebei Traffic Police for the convenience of real-time control of overall situations and reasonable arrangement of service resources. It provides road network trend monitoring and key vehicle direction and flow analysis to Baotou Traffic Police. It realizes differentiated monitoring on local large-scale trucks, large bus, hazardous goods vehicles and nonlocal vehicles entering into and passing the area, and realizes accurate information services such as violation record, stop signs and congestion accident road section counseling.