Data advantage

Dynamic data of civil
flight operation
                       Data of civil
aviation staff
                       Daily increase of
vehicles connected to
IOV platform
                       Dynamic data of
commercial vehicles
parking spaces
                       Road passenger
travel data
                       Dynamic data of
civil flight operation
                       Traveling data of
public mobile internet
                       Road passenger
transportation data
                       Application scenarios,
massive people, vehicle
video information and trails
                                               Urban transportation brain                        Intelligent networking & vehicle-road collaboration                        Electronic registration identification of motor vehicles                        Video artificial intelligence

Technical Strengths

  • Transinfo Technology Research Institute
  • Product R&D Center
  • Intelligent IOV Industry Innovation Center

Transinfo Technology Research Institute, focusing on the core R&D organization of technology and productsin each business area, provides technical driving force for the future business development of the Company. The Institute attaches the most importance tofundamental research, adapts to currentdevelopment trend of technologies and industry, and occupies the commanding heights of key technologies in the future with high starting point and high pattern.

Application development (equipment, system and solution)

  • Security machine vision
  • Intelligent networking
  • Comprehensive transportation and logistics big data application
  • Intelligent traffic control
  • Brain-like intelligent transportation platform

Fundamental research (generic key technologies, standards and mechanisms)

  • Machine vision based on deep learning
  • R & D and testing, experimental verification, inspection and evaluation of vehicle-road collaboration and IOV
  • Processing and analysis of comprehensive transportation and logistics big data
  • Research on key technology of brain-like intelligent traffic control based on holographic road network perception

Establish an international leading technology innovation platform for machine vision application, comprehensively improve the video structure of people, vehicles and things, and apply to various hardware products of the Company.

Develop roadside and vehicle-side equipment, intelligent traffic light intersection equipment and systemin line with national standards, form vehicle-road cooperation and corresponding solutions, and apply to demonstrative project.

Build an authoritative and comprehensive big data center for transportation and logistics in China, develop innovative data products for transportation and logistics, and form a multi-level business support capacity.

Incubate a number of new businesses in intelligent transportation, big data, security and other related fields, continue to carry out innovative research, and make breakthrough in industry key technologies.

Build a brain-like intelligent transportation platform to realize city-wide signal centralized control and automatic unmanned optimization.

Product R & D Center is in charge of promoting product R& D system development, technology and core competitiveness construction and product foundation platform construction of the Company, while finishing research and development of the core software and hardware products.

  • ERI product package
  • V2X product package

Core Technology

Electronic registration identification of motor vehicles (ERI), also known as “electronic license plate”, is the second generation ID card of motor vehicles. ERI is uniformly issued and managed by the Ministry of Public Security according to unified standards. It adopts RFID to realize automatic and non-inductive recognition and monitoring of vehicle identities. ERI is installed to the microwave window of vehicle windshield, and the ERI read/write device is erected on road gantry. When vehicle enters the area covered by the read/write device, the device and ERI will communicate to realize information acquisition and reading/writing. The device transmits information collected through network to background data center, form transportation big data and then carry out relevant application processing. Transinfo Product R&D Center actively participates in formulation of national standards for ERI. The “National Technical Standards for Electronic Identification of Motor Vehicles” were released officially in December 2017.

Industry cases

The technical team of Transinfo Product R&D Center participated in ERI construction in cities such as Chongqing, Nanjing, Lanzhou, Xiamen and Yinchuan, and undertook a number of projects including Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, Beijing Transportation Commission, Xinjiang Hami, Tianjin Normal University and Kunming Changshui International Airport.

Core Technology

V2X system is a safe, efficient and environment-friendly road traffic system, which adopts advanced wireless communication, new generation Internet and other technologiesto implement vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure dynamic real-time information interaction in an all-round way, and to carry out vehicle active safety control and road collaborative management based on entire time-space dynamic transformation information acquisition and integration, so as to fully realize effective collaboration of people-vehicle-infrastructure, ensure traffic safety and improve passing efficiency.

Application Demonstration

On June 15, 2017, Product R&D Center of China TransInfo Technology Co., Ltd.finished the networking transformation of 12km road from Ronghua Middle Road to Boda Building in Beijing E-town Economic and Technological Development Area, and built the first actual road providing V2X services in China. The road covers complex transportation environment such as special bus lanes, reversible lanes, main and side roads, and could be interconnected with traffic light, roadside signs or signboards, variable message signs and construction signs. Vehicles with IoV functions may realize blind spot reminding, emergency vehicle approaching, pedestrian intrusion, green light passing speed prompting, give-way for priority vehicle when driving on the road section so that road transportation is safer and more efficient.

Autopilot Test Site

At present, TransInfo Technology has built autopilot networking test environment in the closed test site in Haidian Base equipped with ten sets of V2X roadside devices. The devices comply with domestic and international standards, and could realize full V2X signal coverage on closed test site and provide auxiliary services for networked driving and test environment for networking functions to intelligent vehicles.

Current V2X roadside devices have been accessed to traffic facility signals such as traffic lights, road signs and camera in the test site and could release signal light timing and road sign information through V2X network, and support 9 classes of V2i application scenarios. Meanwhile, the test site could provide standard V2X on-board terminal, which supports 9 classes including 60 V2V application scenario tests.

On Jan. 18, 2016, the Company signed cooperative framework agreement for “Demonstrative Application for Smart Cars and Intelligent Transportation based on Mobile Broadband Internet” with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Beijing Municipal People’s Government and People’s Government of Hebei Province
As driven by the Innovation Center, in 2017 Beijing issued four guiding documents regarding autopilot vehicles, respectively Guiding Opinions of Beijing on Accelerating Road Test of Autopilot Vehicles (Trial), Detailed Rules of Beijing for Implementation of Autopilot Vehicle Road Test Management (Trial), Contents and Methods of Road Test Capacity Appraisal for Autopilot Vehicles in Beijing (Trial), and Technical Specifications for Sealed Test Site of Autopilot Vehicles in Beijing (Trial).
On March 14, 2018, the Innovation Center officially became a third-party service agency for road test of autopilot vehicles in Beijing through bidding, in charge of autopilot application, and routine supervision.

Construction contents: Four-ones

  • One industry innovation center

    Beijing Municipal Intelligent IOV Industry Innovation Center

  • One industry fund

    Beijing IOV Industry Development Fund

  • One industry alliance

    Zhongguancun Zhitong Intelligent Transportation Industry Association

  • One application demonstration zone

    National Intelligent Vehicles and Smart Transportation Demonstration Zone


  • Haidian Base
  • Yizhuang Base

On February 9, 2018, build China's first closed test site for R&D testing and capacity appraisal of autopilot vehicles r&d, testing and capability assessment was built, which met the requirements for site of T1-T3 autopilot vehicle R&D testing and capacity appraisal.

The test site covers the complex urban and rural road environment in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and can construct hundreds of static and dynamic typical traffic scenes. It is equipped with networked communication (V2X) equipment and system to support networked driving research, development and testing. The test site also provides simulated traffic flow equipment such as background vehicles, simulated pedestrians, as well as simulation facilities such as simulated bus stations and simulated construction road sections, and can provide R&D testing and capability evaluation services for passenger cars and small commercial autopilot vehicles.

The first tidal test road for intelligent networking vehicles in China is officially put into operation, and it provides services to global enterprises and research institutions in fields of intelligent driving and intelligent transportation.

The closed test site, with an area of 650mu, will be constructed according to grade T1-T5 test demands covering expressway, mountain roads, rural roads, urban complex ring roads, railway and tunnels.

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